Live from Liverpool: MORNINGS WITH - YVONNE

27.02.2022 Where Are The Girl Bands?

Ella & Eve
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Where are the Girlbands? is an organisation dedicated to making the music scene more accessible to everyone, through the promotion and celebration of women creatives in Liverpool.

They give a platform to artists and their work with interviews, reviews, panel discussions and more, and aim to open up the discussion around gender inequality in the music industry and in local scenes.

They also put on events that challenge conventional live music settings and promote safe gig spaces for all, as well as workshops and development days with local artists.

Their page acts as a directory for artists to network and collaborate, creating connections that span across artistic disciplines, social backgrounds, levels of experience and more.

Eve and Ella of Where are the Girlbands return for their February catch-up discussing everything they've been up to in the last month. The episode features a discussion about their All in the Same Boat event at the start of February (with a poetry reading by Claire Beerjeraz), a chat about their 'Big Adventure Tour' gig at Bloom Building and tons of tracks by local artists!


CHARL – Energy
Evie Moran – Dream
Teah Lewis – Magnolia
Hallworth – Built to Last
Jensyn – Wanna be There
Louis Cross – Sacrifice
Crawlers – Come Over Again (Acoustic and Live)

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