02.03.2023 The Chapel of Wax: Stranger Than Folk Vol.2

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A brand new show exploring the phenomena of rare, beautiful & semi-strange records. The Chapel of Wax is an occult appreciation of moments where genres collide and the bizarre becomes magical.

This month’s show revisits the psychedelic intersection between Prog, Jazz and Folk mind benders, for another dose of trippy troubadours and storytelling


Stephen Stills – To a Flame
T2 – J.L.T.
Shocking Blue – Acka Raga
Mighty Baby – Egyptian Tomb
Daddy Longlegs – Wheeling And Dealing
Clive John – Hold Your Ferret Aloft
Supertramp – Oh Darling
Splash – Var Drom
Manfred Mann Chapter Three – Happy Being Me
Mar Revolto – Contendas de Sincora
Estelle Levitt – All I Dream
Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger – Goodbye Jungle Telegraph
Nino Ferrer – The Garden