17.07.2022 Sprechen

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A record label from the North West of England, Sprechen is a platform to showcase electronic music designed for the dance floor...with a passion for melody, groove, soul & energy with no limitations of style and a diverse release policy.

Headed up by label owner, producer, promoter, remixer, A&R & DJ Chris Massey, you can expect the Melodic Distraction broadcast to showcase label highlights and releases as well as influential sounds & productions from like-minded musical souls.

Speak Music, Be Fierce.


Léna C – Azur
Coyote – Cami De Se Valeta ( Massey’s Balearic Trance Remix)
I Gemin – Yaju
Max Essa – Water Wheels
Léna C – Haku
Third Attempt – Sunbeam Symphony
Anoraak & Samantha Alma Real – Eterna
James Bright – These Machines
Ivan Fabra – Little Pigments
Skatebård & Lauer – Volpi Polari
Pablo Bozzi – Ghost Of Chance
Depeche Mode – Policy Of Truth (Framewerk Rewerk)
Baypoet – Translink