30.09.2018 Outer Banks

Al Sundvall
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  • JAZZ

Al Sundvall is a DJ, musician & record collector based in Liverpool and we're delighted that he joins for a new monthly show on Melodic Distraction, entitled Outer Banks.

You can expect his monthly shows to feature Swedish progg, Polish jazz, German kosmische, Spanish ambient, Italo disco, UK library music or none of the above. As artist manager for Mute Records, Al has his finger on the musical pulse, unearthing and helping new and emerging artists.

His show will feature all sorts of moods and tempos, acquired whilst digging in flea markets and record stores the world over.


Philip Perkins ‎- Hall Of Flowers (Pt. 1) (Fun Music, 1987)
Master Wilburn Burchette – Yin (Burchette Brothers, 1974)
Steve Tittle ‎– (One Of The) Merely Players (Nerve, 1983)
Garrett List ‎– Your Own Self (Part 1) (Opus One, 1972)
Joe Zawinul – In A Silent Way (Atlantic, 1971)
Thirteen Moons – Mowgli And Baloo (Wire, 1987)
Mike Shelter – Lude II (Love Away) (Igloo, 1987)
TV Victor & The World Future Society – Tomorrow (Big Sex, 1989)
Vangelis Katsoulis ‎- Thoughts Of A Young Girl (Utopia, 1988)
Olivier Rogg – M7 (Mega Wave Orchestra, 1988)
Four Drummers Drumming ‎- 3000 Miles Away – Part Two (Riff, 1991)
Robert Wyatt ‎– The Animals Film (Excerpt) (Rough Trade, 1982)
Vivien Goldman – P.A. Dub (99, 1981)
Xao Seffcheque Und Der Rest – Ja – Nein – Vielleicht (Schallmauer, 1981)
Johanna Billing – This Is How We Walk On The Moon (Radio Edit) (Apparent Extent, 2008)
Ashley & Fraser – City Girl (Private Press, 1980)