28.05.2023 Mates' Crates

Andrei Sandu
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  • FUNK

Mates’ Crates is about sharing the stories behind music, whether the story of how a record came about or how we came to love it. 

Hosted by writer and DJ Andrei Sandu, Mates’ Crates was born out of an infectious curiosity about the who and the why. Just like Andrei’s column for Melodic Distraction Magazine, the show is a Sunday morning journey through funk, soul, disco and beyond, from which you’ll always come away with something new.

Andrei is back with Mates' Crates for May, with carefully selected disco, Latin and French music to start your Sunday.


Sierra Maestra – Marieta
Bossa – Ahmed Malek
Volare – David Bowie
Lihue – Nohelani Cypriano
Jose Pinhal – A Vida Dura Muito Pouco
Pino Presti – Funky Bump
Ramona Brooks – I Don’t Want You Back
Janice McClain – Smack Dab In The Middle
Lole Y Manuel – Tu Mira
Mon Rivera – Lluvia Con Nieve
Nico Gomez – Baila Chibiquiban
Francoise Hardy – Le Temps de l’Amour
Maryse Bonnet – Au Soleil
Bibi Flash – Histoire d’1 Soir
Patti Labelle – Music Is My Way Of Life
Rupa – East West Shuffle