Live from Liverpool: The Warehouse - Curated By Melodic Distraction

23.01.2022 Mates' Crates

Andrei Sandu
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Mates’ Crates is about sharing the stories behind music, whether the story of how a record came about or how we came to love it. 

Hosted by writer and DJ Andrei Sandu, Mates’ Crates was born out of an infectious curiosity about the who and the why. Just like Andrei’s column for Melodic Distraction Magazine, the show is a Sunday morning journey through funk, soul, disco and beyond, from which you’ll always come away with something new.


Leo’s Sunshipp – I’m Back For More
Gentle Persuasion – A Little Bit Of Love
Sonya Spence – Let Love Flow On
Di Melo – A Vida Em Seus Metodos Diz Calma
Shahid Wheeler – Just One Dance Before You Go
Eloise Laws – Put A Little Love Into It
Dee Edwards – Put Your Love On The Line
Natalie Cole – Can We Get Together Again
Isaac Hayes – I Can’t Turn Around
Toulouse- C’est Toutjours Comme Ca L’Amour
Benita – Time For A Change
Colorado – California Dreaming
Direct Current – Nothing Can Stop Us
Prince – Chelsea Rogers

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