25.05.2023 Jazz, But Not As We Know It

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We welcome Jab to the airwaves for one hour of "Jazz, but not as we know it." 

Jab has been a Liverpool resident since 1988 after moving to the city in-part because of his love of the Liverpool music scene. He is a professional musician and has been involved in the jazz, rock, funk, hip-hop scene for more than 30 years. He's been promoting Liverpool's famous jazz scene for 10 years now and has built up an understanding of musicians, venues and audiences alike.

Through his musical endeavours, Jab has amassed a large record collection including progressive rock, punk, new wave, hip hop, jazz, classical and acid house.

This month Jab is celebrating the birthdays of some influential jazz musicians, all born in May. They are all fellas, but we’ll balance it all out later in the year. The oldest is Sidney Bechet, an extraordinary reeds player – born 1897 and died 1959. Young boy Bill Bruford appears with King Crimson – born 1949. These chaps span the first half of the jazz era, showing how it has evolved from stomp to prog. Happy birthday fellas!


Sidney Bechet (14 May 1897) – Muskrat Ramble
Sidney Bechet (14 May 1897) –  Sweet Lorraine
Woody Herman (16 May 1913) – Woodchopper’s Ball
Brian Eno (15 May 1948) ft. Robert Fripp (16 May 1946) – Baby’s On Fire
Woody Herman (16 May 1913) – Who Dat Up Dere?
Deodato, ft. Billy Cobham (16 May 1944) – Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Faun
King Crimson ft. Bill Bruford (17 May 1949) – Cadence and Cascade
Artie Shaw (23 May 1910) – Nightmare
Artie Shaw (23 May 1910) – Frenesi
Miles Davis (26 May 1926) – Rubberband of Life
Andy Kirk (28 May 1898) – Corky Stomp
Andy Kirk (28 May 1898) – I’se A Muggin’
Benny Goodman (30 May 1909) – Runnin’ Wild
Benny Goodman (30 May 1909) – Four Once More