Unknown End

Kevin & Stewart


You’re in tune to the sounds of Unknown End - coming to you on the second Saturday of each month.

At the helm is Kevin and Stewart. Expect some curveballs, some things that sound the same but different, some things to make you clap your hands, stomp your feet and scratch your head.

Every 2nd month our show will contain one of the following features:

  • Everything is Borrowed; or
  • 6º of Melodic Distraction

Everything is Borrowed
Here we focus on the overlaps where two different tracks share a common denominator. This could be something as simple as a sample or subject matter, but with a view to showing how in art when ‘there’s no creation without influence’, the results can differ considerably.

6º of Melodic Distraction
Rumour has it that all people on earth are on average six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. Here we seek to apply the same logic to a subset of artists chosen by us, or you, or taken from articles we enjoy and try to link one artist into another via remixes they have done, labels they have released on etc. All in under 6 steps or less.

Get in touch with the Melodic Distraction team to get involved and challenge us.