This January, Melodic Distraction are teaming up with local charity, Sunflowers, to raise money to support individuals and families affected by a cancer diagnosis in the Merseyside region. We will be hosting a series of Melodic Distraction Radio shows to promote the work that they do in and around Merseyside. As part of our fundraising month for Sunflowers, we're directing our listeners to our Gofundme link HERE.

Liverpool Sunflowers provides a unique support service to individuals and families affected by a cancer diagnosis and long term conditions in the Merseyside region. Their aim is to see every patient with a cancer diagnosis have access to their service.

They provide advice and guidance services, counselling, complementary therapies and group support sessions in a welcoming and safe environment. Their service is confidential and led by a team of professionals. The Sunflowers team are experienced in the emotions and practical support needed following a cancer diagnosis.  They are passionate about helping others affected by a diagnosis.

In order to continue and grow their service, they need our support, as they want to provide a tailor made support service for individuals and their families; responding directly to their needs. Webelieve that everybody in Merseyside should know that Sunflowers is there for them as a registered charity, as they rely on grants and donations to provide their service to the public. Your support will enable them to continue and grow their provision, benefiting more and more individuals.

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