Live from Liverpool: THE HONEY POT - Bear Growls

R o S

The R o S Collective


Buckle up, R o S have checked in for their MDR dey-bew. This is like no neat n’ tidy ‘meet the family’ you’ve ever seen; we’re meeting the cartel in ultra-hardstyle fashion. Expect ridiculous bpm counts, heavy industry and ambient slammers.

The RoS Collective have been making moves in the city for some time now, with sidel projects in Manteq, Cartier 4 Everyone, Birthday Wall and boy.cott. Formed as a cartel of performance artists, writers, poets, DJs, visual artists, label heads, producers and general ‘sound lads’, they’re representing the underrepresented and hosting a platform to discuss the socio-political structures that surround the music scene in the North West.


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