Manteq 2020


Manteq is a collaboration between eight interdisciplinary artists based in Liverpool, Manchester and London.

The collective began their collaborations on the ‘TikeTike’ EP back in 2016, where they released the first Farsi speaking grime album. Manteq grew and became a larger family in the years that followed, aiming to share and collaborate with other producers/MCs in Iran with intent to bring grime to the country. Although underground, they believe in the potential for grime in the Middle Eastern music scene.

The Manteq vision for 2020 is to represent new sounds and share music. Collective member Tardast has recently finished his new EP ‘Marwa’ (Omen), which is set for release in a few months. Tardast is an Iranian-born Liverpool-based MC who grew up in Tehran before migrating to the UK in 2014.

“We believe in a world with no borders and push for this cause through our art. When the youth suffer under their corrupt government’s oppression, music has the potential to be their weapon. Music can be a source of release from anger, a way to share their experience and pain, and to speak their truth in these divisive times. Grime is a rush of release - to get hyper and shout on the mic fearlessly!”

No borders, just music!