Jacaranda Records

Ali Bongo


Since July 2015, Jacaranda Records has occupied the snug surroundings of the The Jacaranda’s first floor, with a cafe/bar and listening booths available for you to while away the hours digging through wax. 

Based around the taste and expertise of the Jacaranda Records staff, host Ali Bongo provides a run-down of the best new releases, in-store top-sellers, and underground club hits. Ali takes over the Jacaranda basement every Tuesday night, running through hip-hop, soul and funk and brings 20 years of experience to the show.

Rotating guests will include Jacaranda’s Namina, Alex C and Pete G, as well as regular customers showcasing their own collections. Over the next few months you’ll get a taste of what is moving through Jacaranda Records, and the best thing is you can pick most of them up in store!