Goldarndest Mixtapes

Richie Anderson


Richie Anderson began producing acid and techno music in 1992, with vinyl releases on obscure hard techno labels such as ‘Kill Out’ and ‘Drop Bass Network’ under various guises during the 90s. After a hiatus from production, he began releasing new music again alongside a series of live performances in Berlin.

Richie is now researching underground dance music scenes with a focus on Liverpool post-2008, examining scene spaces as catalysts for regeneration and then the invariable gentrification.

The Goldarndest Mixtapes shows aim to pick up from the cassette swapping culture of Richie’s youth with the twist that there be a predefined theme each show. The interpretation of the theme is wide open – it could be simply matching song titles to the theme or seeking esoteric/conceptual connections. This lends itself tend towards trying to cram in a wild variety of genres.

If you are interested in contributing to Richie’s research on dance music scenes, or if you think of a theme that a show could be built around, get in touch via the links.