Degenerate Radio

Gen Degenerate & Jay Humphreys


Gen Degenerate is already an unavoidable name in the Liverpool live music scene despite having appeared on it just over a year ago. 

If you like your radio shows slick, polished and with a fair share of reputable music journalism then, we are very sorry, you have come to completely the wrong place.

Don’t get us wrong, they play some great music; the newest alternative, rock and pop releases from a whole host of artists. Unfortunately in between you’ll have to put up with Gen Degenerate and her bandmate Jay laughing at their own jokes, gossiping about their mates in the music scene and making fun of famous people who don’t even know they exist.

It’s not fantastic, but hey, it’s not completely awful either. Does that sound like your kind of thing? Or perhaps you’re just here because you like their band “Gen and the Degenerates”.

Either way, by all means, join the party.