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Melodic Distraction Radio

Known for his speedy mixing and blends of global underground sounds, BЯYN has gained a reputation for being a hard swerve left in the Liverpool club scene.
After arriving in Liverpool from Croydon, BЯYN was taken under the wing of Cartier 4 Everyone, a crew including George Maund, MxTronik, M T Hall, Kepla, Bitowski and many more, who also championed future sounds and experimentation. Since then, he's supported the likes of SOPHIE, Princess Nokia, Flohio, Yves Tumour, Tirzah and more.
For his monthly show expect a diverse range of club ready, euphoric or hard-hitting sounds: "I always find that what people recognise as global or world music is often always acoustic and this leads to people missing out on a lot what the internet's constant sharing of ideas and cultural references have created. I want to show people that all across the world, people are making insanely innovative and audibly modern/futuristic music that challenges people's idea of what is danceable and what is beautiful".