T-Mack, Nick Posh & Griff


Brought together from different parts of the UK, the Archive fellas share a common passion - bringing people new music, and unearthing forgotten gems.

From lost synth-pop records found at the back of a stack in a record store, to the cutting edge of house & the obscurities of Zamrock, (and a healthy dose of 90s UK garage) Archive are cutting a new shape in the North West with their eclectic collections and fresh party series.

Now in their 2nd year of hosting parties, Tom, Nick & Gary (Griff) are committed to bringing emerging artists to our corner of the North West. Having proved themselves already with the likes of CC:DISCO!, FYI Chris, Sassy J, Shall Not Fade & many more. They also regularly appear on other lineups throughout the city - playing for the likes of Abandon Silence, 24 Kitchen Street & Baltic Weekender.

Their bi-weekly residency at Buyers Club, sees them play music much different from their Red Stripe fantasies. Their selections here frequent the borders of many musical genres: Jazz; Balearic; Soul, amongst many others.