Alkanna's Hi-Fi


Alkanna is a production of DJ and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Murphy (Sitka Sun). For these Melodic Distraction Radio sessions, expect to hear everything from roots reggae and extended 12" dubplates to modern ambient and dub techno cuts.

Although mainly focusing on a hi-fi and electronic sound, Alkanna is not afraid to stretch across genres to bring the finest sounding singers, instruments, and recordings to your space! Deep and soulful sounds are at the forefront of this listening journey.

Live in a club session, performing with a turntable, sampler,
and instrument of choice, Alkanna spins both his original material and deep vinyl selections. Keeping true to his love for improvisation, expect to hear interpretations of his existing compositions, reworked in response to the vibes and inspirations in Oakland, California. Similar to Sitka Sun, Alkanna is rooted in international sound and deep meditative grooves, suitable as the soundtrack for a late night dance party or the perfect accompaniment to set the mood for an inspired, creative gathering.