13.03.2023 Wake Up! with Zaremba

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Rise and shine folks - it's gonna be a glorious day today!

Join the MD crew as they ease you into your morning with the smoothest selections going on our early morning daily show.

So, whether you're fresh outta bed, or snoozing that pesky alarm for some extra zzz's, kick back and Wake Up with Melodic Distraction!

This morning, James is joined in conversation by Ruf Dug - chatting about his latest release, a remix of STR4TA's Lazy Days featuring Emma Jean Thackray. It's out now on the lovely Brownswood Recordings and it's boss! Go check it out here.


Ruf Dug – Tendacyou
Mogwaa – Sonrisa Del Mar
Now Now Now – Problem (Enzo Elia Afro Neukolln)
STR4TA – When You Call Me
Ruf Dug – Interview
STR4TA – Lazy Days (feat. Emma Jean Thackeray) (Ruf Dug Remix)
Elleot & ASTRE – Tutti Flutti
The Blueprint Sound – Do it Til Ya Burn
Charles Webster, Terra David – Ready