26.05.2023 Wake Up! with Snoodman Deejay

Snoodman Deejay
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Rise and shine folks - it's gonna be a glorious day today!

Join the MD crew as they ease you into your morning with the smoothest selections going on our early morning daily show.

So, whether you're fresh outta bed, or snoozing that pesky alarm for some extra zzz's, kick back and Wake Up with Melodic Distraction!

This morning, Toby brings you a wonderful hour of Ambient, New Age and Kankyō Onagaku, so get locked in and relaxed


Satoshi Ashikawa – Still Space
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Dance PM
Interior – Park
Yoshio Suzuki – Meet Me In The Sheep Meadow
Joe Hisaishi – Islander
Ryuchi Sakamoto – Dolphins
Ayuo Takahashi – Nagareru
Shiho Tabuki – Tomoshibi
Raul Lovisoni & Francesco Messina – Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo
Toshifumi Hinata – Chaconne
Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells
Fumio Miyashita – See The Light (Abridged)
Mort Garson – Plantasia