13.09.2021 Wake Up! with Caustic Soda

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Rise and shine folks - it's gonna be a glorious day today!

Join the MD crew as they ease you into your morning with the smoothest selections going on our early morning daily show.

So, whether you're fresh outta bed, or snoozing that pesky alarm for some extra zzz's, kick back and Wake Up with Melodic Distraction!

Need a little extra something to take the edge off a rather grey Monday morning? Look no further than this week's edition of Wake Up! with  Tom Lye (aka Caustic Soda). Swing by for some gentle musical musings to ease you into the week ahead.


Kumea Sound – Shijaz
duendita – september
Westerman – Float Over
Jennifer Moore – Sea Walk
Nightfall In Camp – Cada Día
Valentina Goncharova – Zen Garden
Fumihiro Murakami – Miko
Westerman – Confirmation
Rhucle & Mike Nigro – Golden Guppy
Moin – No to Gods, No to Sunsets
Lawrence English – A Binding
Anthony Naples – I Don’t Know If That’s Just Dreaming
Teplice – Late In The Day
Isabella Antenna – Naughty Naughty
Warzou – Big Boï