11.10.2021 Wake Up! with Aiden Brady

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Rise and shine folks - it's gonna be a glorious day today!

Join the MD crew as they ease you into your morning with the smoothest selections going on our early morning daily show.

So, whether you're fresh outta bed, or snoozing that pesky alarm for some extra zzz's, kick back and Wake Up with Melodic Distraction!

Aiden is back with his Monday morning residency, starting off your week with some fine selections.


Irene Buckley – Turning
Echoes of Merseyside
Gayna Rose Madder – Over
Billy Bragg – Man Behind The Mask
Oneohtrix Point Never – Pure And The Damned Ft. Iggy Pop
Karen Dalton – OtherSide To This Life
Lonnie Donegan – Dead Or Alive
Hank Williams Snr – Hey Good Looking
Otis Redding – Cigarettes and Coffee
John Martin – Johnny Too Bad
Cocteau Twins – Frou Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires
Maddkatt Courtship III – Open Air
Mary O’Hara – Oro Mo Phaidin
Voigt & Voigt – Vision 03

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