Live from Liverpool: THE Å LIST - Låpsley [R]

04.11.2022 Voluptuous Vibrations

Chrispy Chreme
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From the humble beginnings of house parties on Pilgrim Street comes Chrispy Chreme with his very own Melodic show, Voluptuous Vibrations.

On the show, Chrispy will be belting out tunes that are wavy, wobbly, weird and wonderful. If it’s voluptuous, it’s getting played. Some shows will however be pulling a U-turn for some funky and fluid chilled loveliness.

So, on the first Friday of the month, 7– 8 pm, come along with Chrispy on his radio show journey!


Coeo – Stop trying to sound like the chromatics (My GF says)
Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite (Back to Paris Remix)
Aerofunk – Chillan
Blumey – Autumn Fever
Ionescu – Grid System
Snoozin’ B – My Speaking Voice
Pariah – Caterpillar
BeeDeeBeeBee – The Return
GLXY – Stamina Creux
Scart Lead – Talk To Me
Fork and Knife – Give Up
Redders, Sam Binga – Natural Mission (Bakey Remix)
Hustle Athletics – Lekker (Posij Remix)

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    Today: 02.12.2022

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