19.02.2017 Upstairs With...

Miles & Joel
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Consistently selling out raucous parties at Buyers Club, the Upstairs With team have gained a reputation for throwing an event steeped in debauchery.

From tops off with Mall Grab to the classic “sit down, stand up” at Adesse Versions, the connection between DJ and dancer at this intimate affair is found almost nowhere else in the city. Residing at one of Liverpool’s newest and most talked about spots, Buyers Club, it’s easy to grasp why these nights are in such demand. The secret spot boasts an intimate 250 capacity club space as well as a private garden.

With a monthly show locked in on MD Radio, the sounds of residents Miles and Joel are enough to warm the ears of their loyal dancers in the gaps between parties. Expect music across the board including house, broken-beat, garage and disco as they provide us with a unique soundtrack every month…

Check out their Paddy's Day party here: https://bit.ly/2l0ExbP

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