08.09.2023 Unknown End

Kevin & Stewart
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Fresh from designing roundabouts and selling gas safety equipment to pay the bills, Kevin & Stewart are back with another episode of Unknown End, their show that can literally feature anything. The weirder the better.

This month Unknown End invite one of their favourite producers, Personal Growth, in for an hour’s long guest mix. During lockdown Kevin got heavily into Discord and stumbled upon the Cloudcore server; a place for debauchery, password protected weekly releases that you can only buy within 7 days and then it goes to £999 (kinda like collecting Pokemon cards), community led artwork for each release and generally just a place for ’the heads’ the hang out. Akin to the old forums on the internet where notable producers would collaborate. Having watched the growth of Personal Growth (no pun intended) we thought it pertinent to bring you an hours worth of music direct from the Aussie and label head of Eternal Love. In his own words, there may or may not be a tracklist as ' kinda freestyle it’ - love that!

Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/personalgrowth96
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/personal_growth96/
Bandcamp - https://personalgrowth.bandcamp.com/
Article on Cloudcore - https://nobells.blog/password-required-inside-the-secret-underground-of-club-music/


Eve France – Thrush
Personal Growth – Breath
Skee Mask – South Mathematikz
Nature Unit – Nature 2
Windowseeker – Aspire+
Queniv – Vrij
Koreless -ShellShock
Break -Like Water To A Fish
⑇ -Tom 2
Leon Vynehall -Endless (I)
NA DJ -Mikel Loop Island
Mari Herzer – Solta o Grave Alucinado
Lithe & DJ Local Support – Satisfy Benassi [Unreleased Edit]
Amor Satyr & Sit Mata – Lights Off
EXE.CHOP -latent Content