Live from Liverpool: MORNINGS WITH - JOE TOWLER

16.09.2022 Unknown End

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Fresh from designing roundabouts and selling gas safety equipment to pay the bills, Kevin & Stewart are back with another episode of Unknown End, their show that can literally feature anything. The weirder the better.

Welcome to the September edition of Unknown End. The one-stop-shop for curveballs, some things that sound the same but different, some things to make you clap your hands, stomp your feet and scratch your head.

This week sees Kevin & Stewart go B2B with a selection of bangers that didn’t manage to play out at a few festivals recently! A full hour of edits, baseline, garage; you name it, its here. Lock in for an hour or dancing.



Word Colour – People Can You Hear Me
Hudson Mohawke – Tincture
Victoria Beckham & Dane Bowers – Out of Your Mind
Kayroy – Behind The Clouds
A+A – Eternal September
Ploy – Move Your Body
??? – ???
Unique – Microdosing (Conducta Remix)
MikeQ & Angel X – Let It All Out 2012
Mattik – Crazy in Dub
DJ Tameil – Hands Up
DJ Tameil – S&M
Mr. Ho – Bail-E (Real Mix)
Bing – Soft Yes
Proc Fiscal – belva diss – .xXx_pauly frisk_xXx. rmix (japan only bonus)
Voilaaa – Décalement (Instrumental Version)
Bored Lord – Girl U Could be Down
Theo Everyday – Holsten FM
OTON – Frozen
2 Bad Mice – UXB Pt.2
Bakey – Two Minds

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