09.08.2023 The Goldarndest Mixtapes: Jackin'

Richie Anderson
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Richie Anderson began producing acid and techno music in 1992, with releases on obscure hard techno labels such as ‘Kill Out’ and ‘Drop Bass Network’ under various guises.

After a hiatus from production, he began releasing new music again alongside a series of live performances in Berlin. With his latest release in October 2019, Richie is now researching underground dance music scenes with a focus on Liverpool post-2008. He is also examining ageing with dance music and the impact scenes have on a place - the generation of cool and an invitation for gentrification.

Richie is also a classical guitarist and his mixes tend towards a wild variety of genres. The Goldarndest Mixtapes aims to pick up from the cassette culture of his youth, stemming from a practice he shares with his friends. Each quarter they produce a physical CD of music matching a given theme, along with corresponding cover art. The interpretation of the theme is wide open - it could be simply matching song titles to the theme, or an esoteric/conceptual interpretation.

Each show will follow a theme which is represented within the music played. If you are interested in contributing to Richie’s research, please get in touch.

This month's show's theme is Jackin' - in celebration of the liberatory dance style practised to the early forms of house music from Chicago, though this isn't just a re-run of tracks from that era. What the show will feature is what I mean when I say that music is jacking. So for me, this is synonymous with certain stylistic features, certain percussive sounds and patterns, and certain 303 lines... So, music of the last thirty-odd years will feature. Less gabbin' from me, a lot of acid, and just jack-jack jack your body.

Listen to the show here:


Steve Hurley – Jack Your Body
Gina Breeze – After Dark
Hyperquinetic – Jacking Myself
S-File – Like Dis
Gina Breeze – Reckless
Mella Dee – World Dance
Josh Wink – Are you there (Ben Klock remix)
Edetto – Quinto
Donato Dozzy – TechTresor
Space Dimension Controller – Tiraquon Acid Funk
Paul Johnson – Third Dimension
Ben Pest – Shutterbug
Posthuman – Hack Jammer (WTCHCRFT Remix)
DJ Plead – Rough Text
David Vunk – Troubles Tonight
Deadwalkman – Chicago Corner
Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid
Fast Eddie – Jack To The Sound Of The Underground
S-File – Let There Be House
Switch & Erol Alkan – A Sidney Jook (Bok Bok Remix)
S-File – Work to Do
Deadwalkman – Frozen Keys
Woo York – Alien Worlds (The Advent Jacking Remix)
D.A.V.E The Drummer – Sample Jacking MTF
All Trades – Turbo Sound