03.11.2022 The Chapel of Wax: Stranger Than Folk

Elliot Hutchinson
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"A brand new show exploring the phenomena of rare, beautiful & semi-strange records. The Chapel of Wax is an occult appreciation of moments where genres collide and the bizarre becomes magical."

This month’s edition of The Chapel of Wax celebrates the psychedelic intersection between Prog, Jazz and Folk mind benders, for an hour of ultra rare wax and storytelling.


Scott Walker – The Old Man’s Back Again
The Moon – Brother Lou’s Love Colony
Tim Buckley – I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain
Lighthouse – If There Ever Was a Time
Clive John – Summer Song
McDonald & Giles – Tomorrow’s People
Sopwith Camel – Fazon
Strawberry Alarm Clock – Shallow Impressions
The Beatles – I Am The Walrus
Estelle Levitt – All I Dream
Pentangle – Wedding Dress
Jo Ann Kelly – Oh Death
Mick Softly – Love Colours