Live from Liverpool: MORNINGS WITH - JOE TOWLER

07.07.2022 The Chapel of Wax

Elliot Hutchinson
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"A brand new show exploring the phenomena of rare, beautiful & semi-strange records. The Chapel of Wax is an occult appreciation of moments where genres collide and the bizarre becomes magical"

The 3rd broadcast of The Chapel of Wax leans back into the glittery world of heavenly horror. Elliot takes us through the twilight lounge of film-scores, luscious library and psychedelic jazz - with dashes of lost ballet music, stoner poetry and belly dance terror.


Ken Nordine – The Sound Museum
Duke Pearson – Cristo Rendetor
Lata Mangeshkar – Mere Jeevan Saathi
Warda – Law Enak Ya Biid Anni
John Berberian Ensemble – Dalé Dalé
Can – Don’t Turn The Light On
The Care Bears Movie skit
Roy Budd – Hallucinations
Georges Garvarentz – Haschisch Party
Marcos Valle – Democústico
The Vampires of Dartmoore – Tanz Der Vampire
Camille Sauvage – Pavillon Des Agites
Moondog – Oasis
Ratandeep Hemraj – Birha Ki Maari Koi
Jean-Pierre Gualda – Gong Stell
Nino Nardini – Mowgli
Guy Boyer – Bongos And Sound
Wang Fu Ling – Love Theme From “The Big Boss”

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