Live from Liverpool: MORNINGS WITH - JOE TOWLER

05.05.2022 The Chapel of Wax

Elliot Hutchinson
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"A brand new show exploring the phenomena of rare, beautiful & semi-strange records. The Chapel of Wax is an occult appreciation of moments where genres collide and the bizarre becomes magical"

The second installment of 'The Chapel of Wax', a fictional brainchild of Elliot Hutchinson celebrating an underground cult, opporatimg during a dystopian future. It's a place where strange and psychedelic records, now illegal, are worshiped and preserved underneath a creatively sparse society


Ken Nordine – The Sound Museum
Syd Dale – Hell Raisers (Spiderman Theme)
Kalyanji Anandji – Dharmatma Theme
Can – Hallelujah
The Devil’s Anvil – Karkadon
Les 5 Gentlemen – Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi
Miki Obata – Hatsu Koi No Letter
Sci-fi Dance Party – Man Out of a Test Tube
Vainica Doble – Las 12 Caras De Eva
Rabbit Mackay – Tendency To Be Free
Primitive Man – Animal Love
John Klemmer – Free Soul
Ananda Shankar – Dancing Drums
Samurai – Maudie James
Mustafa Ozkent – Dolana
Jefferson Airplane – Let Me In
Serge Gainsberg – New Delire
Nazz – Hello It’s Me
Research – Looking In The Toaster

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