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04.06.2022 The Beatriarchy

Uman Therma & Micky Xov
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The Beatriarchy are a safe, inclusive online community which aims to amplify underrepresented groups such as womxn, LGBTQ+, Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities in the underground electronic music scene.

Run by DJs Kitsta and Gracie T from Manchester and Sheffield respectively, The Beatriarchy was born from Gracie being mansplained to one too many times on white male-dominated tuneshare groups. “We got chatting and agreed that a lot of the online Facebook communities were gatekept and biased towards straight white males. We decided it was time to level the playing field and shine a light on those underrepresented voices, and so we started our own tuneshare group on Facebook, The Beatriarchy. It has now grown into an amazing online community and we’ve just launched our mix and interview series on Foodhall Radio and Soundcloud.”

This month, The Beatriarchy invites on 2 wicked selectors. First up, Uman Therma, a South Korean DJ and producer. Aside from her works as one half of the leftfield ambient duo Salamanda, she’s one of the most active DJs in Seoul who loves putting dancefloors on fire with fast rhythms of jungle footwork and breaks.In the second half is Micky Xov, who plays all things hard, fast and camp. This week luring you into a false sense of security with some ethereal breaks before shelling some of his favourite electro, tekno, trance and hardcore!


Uman Therma
Isadoser – Gaveta
Roy Mills – 100% Pure Hygiene
Equiknoxx – Your Ears Are Not Very Small
Pluralist – Jerzee
Vonlin Yoon – Purpura
BREAKA – Puffer Jackets
Closet Yi – Heavy
Dj Fucci – Chinchilla
Ital Beat – Secret Sauce Riddim
Catania – Unit 12
Flore – The Fiery Principle
Benton – B2 Going Down

Micky Xov
Tom Place – Think about it
Private caller – You
Baby t – Portra (Hybrid mix)
Jasmine Infiniti – Hott
Hedchef – Guillotine Clause
Lisene – Psy-ops
Cherriep – Ghost
Angel d’lite – Rhythmic trip
Chippy Nonstop & dj genderfluid – Straight To Hell
Dj yumyum – Insolent soundbwoi
Indecorum – Sims 2000
John Mood [SINDEXVA004] – God is a woman

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