Live from Liverpool: Downtime - Curated By Melodic Distraction

14.08.2022 Sunday Drive

Bantam Lions
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Bantam Lions (known to family and friends as Mike) is a Merseyside-based producer exploring house, techno and experimental sounds.

Over the last 6 years, Bantam Lions has been busy to say the least! Not only has he released two EPs and an LP on Liverpool’s ‘Scenery Records’, his LP ‘Romantic Views’ came out on Dublin’s ‘East Wall Recordings’. Influenced by pretty much anything from the 60s era, Mike has also produced singles for Cleaning Tapes, Videogamemusic and Infinite Pleasure.

Not only has he appeared on Charlie Bones’ legendary ‘Do!! You!!!’ NTS breakfast show, he has also been featured on Benji B’s end of year mixtape. Most recently, he released a new two-track digital only EP in April. Titled ‘Can We Come Together?’, the incredibly catchy number was released on his own label ‘Bantam Lions Recordings’ and is available to buy now.


Tsegue Maryam Guebrou – The Homeless Wanderer
Branko Mataja – It’s Hard To Forget You
DJ Food – Dark Blud (MLO remix)
Sacred Grove – Untitled
Finis Africae – Segundos, Segundos, Segundos
Herbie Hancock – The Kiss
Aphex Twin – Piano un10 it happened
Freddie Fresh – Return To Phantazia
Gabriel Yared – Cargo Voyage
Underground Resistance – Abandoned Building In Mono
Icons – Stratosphere
Richard H. Kirk – East of Nima
DJ Plead – RT5

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