14.07.2021 SPINE

Christopher Connor
More about this show

We are delighted to welcome Christopher Connor and Ben Ford into the studio for their monthly radio show.

SPINE is a Liverpool-based event showcasing new experimental music including noise, industrial, drone and ambient music. You may experience a blast of post-punk and power-violence in there too. Expect to hear the above genres with some power electronics thrown into the mix.

The show is meditation on the theme of decay and its relation to sound, providing a literal interpretation with reference to corporeality, the abject, death & loss (no talk, just sound)...


False Moniker – A Falling Body
Penelopes Fiance – THE END OF A LIFE
Efdemin – Oh, Lovely Appearance of Death
Lucrecia Dalt – Coatlicue S.
Internazionale – Boy Lies By The Belt
Za Siódmą Górą – Resurrecturis
Pan Daijing – Let
Moss Harvest – Langour
Swans – How They Suffer
Alberich – No Mistake
Robert Curgenven – Isole: Allargando Nero
His Name Is Alive – Echo Lake
Oliver Coates – Honey
Robert Curgenven – Isole: Allargando Nero (reprise)