Live from Liverpool: INTERPLANETARY TRAVEL 4.0 - Lawal (Impure Sounds) [R]

16.12.2018 Spektrum

More about this show

Spektrum is a collective effort by Liverpool students, from two of the universities, to bring more drum and bass to the city.

The general aim of Spektrum is to explore and present all areas of drum and bass. Though run by students, the party is open to all drum and bass heads. The genre itself has built a strong reputation and history, which this show looks to highlight; no egos, with an open mind and quality DJs.

This month Spektrum K3LT & HD throw it down for two hours of strictly DNB and liquid vibes.



I Need – Macca&Loz Contreras Bootleg
What About Tomorrow – Monrroe
Dance Hall Sound – Melinki, Demmure
I Been Searching – Melinki, Demmure
Desire – Simplification
Golden Age – Lenzman
24/7 – Pola & Bryson
Beyond The Bounds – Halogenix
Starz (LSB Remix) – Lenzman
Identity – HD
Dreamworld – SATL
Black Holes – Document One
Hourglass – Bert H
LSD – Document One
Monty Zoomers – Whiney
Get Up – S.P.Y
Out Of Touch – Telomic
Proposition – GLXY
Dusty Keys – Hugh Hardie
In My Head – Monrroe
Lost – Pola and Bryson Remix


Kasra – Ski Mask
Stompz – Decked
Alex SLK – Controller
Sustance – Ugly
Invadhertz – Anxiety VIP
Black Barrel – Sonar (ft. HLZ)
Roni Size & Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag (Dub Head Remix)
GLXY – Chiral
Benny L & Shimon – Monsters (Sub Zero Remix)
Invadhertz – Pandemonium
Satl – Rattler
LSB – The Optimist
GLXY – Infinite ft. Zero T & Solah
Satl – The Sleep
Javano – Love Too Much
Silent Dust – Refuse ft. DRS (Calibre Remix)
Klax – Self Loathing ft. Illiterate
Roy Green & Protone – Nomads (Instrumental)
Tali ft. Degs & Paramount – Reunion (100)
Embers of Light – My Shadow
Satl – Never Knew
Poschek – Seva
GLXY – Discourse
Satl & Lips – Everything To Me
Macca & Loz Contreras – Moving On
LSB – Lydian ft. Millie Watson

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