18.09.2021 Sounds Like Mo

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A local lad without the local accent. Our good friend MO returns to the motherland for a monthly show!

A self-professed ‘general radio guy’ with regular shows on REPREZENT and Flaix FM, MO also lurks behind the scenes at the Beeb and provides funny anecdotes in between Channel 4 shows.

He's back for a regular slot of anything and everything 160 - be it jungle, footwork or even quirky pop edits - if the BPM is more that 159 but less than 161, you'll hear it here.

MO's got us all working up a sweat with sixty minutes of pure heat!


Future – Xnx Dmg (Nick León Jungle Edit)
Hassan Abou Alam – Breathe
Omnitron – Esoteric Break Device
박혜진 Park Hye Jin – Sunday ASAP
Maleekaveli – Come to Mind
Tweaks – Fusion Frenzy
Amal x James Bangura x Dj Nativesun – Whoo Lawd
Yanagamiyuki – My Name Is (Bootleg)
KUSH JONES – Basic Bass (DJ Noir Remix)
RP Boo – Just Like That!
Mel G – Dawn Is Filled
Big Dope P – Haneda
Mel G – Too Hurt To Cry
Yoru – Yeah
Wildkatz – Wednesday (BAE BAE’s Capitalist Realism Remix)
Lone – Mouth of God
Bad_Mix – Jungle Request
Pink Pantheress – Break It Off
Machinedrum – Only One (feat. Angelica Bess)