17.10.2020 Sounds Like Mo

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A local lad without the local accent. Our good friend MO returns to the motherland for a monthly show!

A self-professed ‘general radio guy’ with regular shows on REPREZENT and Flaix FM, MO also lurks behind the scenes at the Beeb and provides funny anecdotes in between Channel 4 shows.

He's back for a regular slot of anything and everything 160 - be it jungle, footwork or even quirky pop edits - if the BPM is more that 159 but less than 161, you'll hear it here.

This month Mo is back on home turf and with us in the studio! Although it's bittersweet as it's the final send off to our home on Jamaica Street, in the form of a 2 HOUR SPESH. Expect the unexpected, with sounds sailing from Egypt, Japan, Spain and more, with a dusting of... gameshow music..? We love to hear it!


DJ Swisha – Reconstructed Club
Daisuke Tanabe – Tablasuke
Leonce, Neana – White Tee (Summer & NO1-NOAH)
Swisha, Diyr – Red Dot
Mansur Brown – Serene
Duval Timothy – Old Kent Rd
Maisha – Open The Gates
Bloodz Boi, Tohji & bod [包家巷] – Across the Sea My Dreams Are Born in Silence
L8ching 雷擎 – Mint 薄荷
3Phaz – Cluster Drum
Tor5y x Lil Asaf – Andaf Naw3
El Kontessa – Madrab Deban
Sade – The Sweetest Taboo
Badgyal – Mercadona
Gabriel Garzón-Montano – Muñeca
Sen Morimoto – Deep Down ft. AAAMYYY
Dj Python – Rosada
Dengue Dengue Dengue – Cocha
角松敏生 Toshiki Kadomatsu – Sea Line “Rie”
Jessy Lanza – Baby Love
Breaka – The Startup
Munir Khauli – Heik ha Nishtghil?
Telematic Visions – 若者のすべて (TV bootleg)
嫁入りランド – Magnolia 〜おらが町の大事件〜
Ichikara Valdez – Birdland (SINES Remix)
Merca Bae & Tomasa Del Real – TOMYBAE
Itoa – Leather & Lace VIP
Coco Bryce – U I Luv
THC – Lonesome