Live from Liverpool: The Loft - Curated By Melodic Distraction

02.10.2021 Sitka Sun

Patrick Murphy
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Since 2000, Patrick Murphy has performed as a bassist, guitarist, composer, vinyl selector, and soundsystem operator.

With a diverse and versatile background in all things music, Murphy encompasses a sound that blends his thirst for roots music from around the globe, conservatory studies of classical & jazz, and inquiries into contemporary sounds that blur the acoustic and electronic realms.

With a lifelong career in the piano restoration trade, he has a keen interest in woodworking, acoustics and the intrinsic healing power of sound. At the intersection of a deep love of the reggae sound systems of Jamaica and the UK, led Murphy to build his first soundsystem, debuted at the end of 2019.

After years of being a sideman and DJ, Murphy began to hone in on a new, but classic, sound and formed his cosmic jazz ensemble Sitka Sun.


Los Guapos Sensibles – Queretana
Tropic Bailando con Los Mulatos de Pepe Arevalo – Heriste Mi Corazon
LeBron Brothers Orchestra – Suena
Sergio Perez – La Gruta
Celso Murilo – Look For A Star
King Sunny Ade – Gboromiro
The Mgababa Queens – Akulaiwa Esoweto
Christina Essien – Nobody Can Stop You
Sunshine Highway – Compass Point
Social Lovers – Lovers Flame (Instrumental)
Blue Mondays feat. Javonntte – Something About you (Vincent Floyd Remix)
JKRIV & Dicky Trisco – Mae Do Mar
Laroze – You Better Give Up
DJ Heure – Sunny Jam
Session Victim – Tomorrow Night

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