15.04.2020 SEVEN Radio

Andrew PM Hunt
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Host Andrew PM Hunt guides listeners through a world of music and discussion that links culture with an electronic, international post-rave world. The monthly show features great music from across the global worlds of electronica, downbeat techno and soulful neo-jazz, with regular guests joining in the conversation, focusing on the places where subcultures and music intersect.

SEVEN Radio is the audio arm of SEVENSTORE, a groundbreaking new space coming to the Baltic Triangle. Inspired by Liverpool’s history of commerce – the seven streets that were the backbone of one of the world’s most industrious cities – we challenge perspectives, curating culture for the new era. It’s community, technology and expression; SEVENSTORE connects people to these ideas.

This month Andrew PM Hunt is back for two hours of lush experimental, eclectic & electronic sounds.


Paul DeMarinis – Forest Booties (pygmy gamelan)
Moniek Darge – Turkish Square (edit)
Annea Lockwood – Amazonia Dreaming
G.S. Sultan – Expression Vael/ Moniek Darge – Rain
John Carrol Kirby – Canyon/ Luiz Henrique Yudo – The Donald Judd Harmonies/Daniel Lentz – The Red of My Blue Dream
Marcus Balter – Wicker Park/ Qua – Stranger Comforts Have Slipped By pt 1& 2
Ideal Standard – Slikoni
aPAtT – Nice II
Janet Sherbourne – Slower Than Molasses/Moniek Darge – Rain/ Robert Ashley – Purposeful Lady – Slow Afternoon (edit)
Jacqueline Humbert/J. Jasmine – Wild About The Lady + A1
William Eaton – Untitled A3
G.B. Beckers – Herzschläg
Ruth Garbus – Pitiful Poetry
Chuck Senri – Don’t Be So Nice
White Noise – Love Without Sound
Aksak Maboul – Milano Per Caso
NSRD – Cherry Flowers
Kim Myhr & Caroline Bergvall – Passing Through
Daniel Lentz – Lascaux
Serene – Serene 1