Live from Liverpool: A.A.X'T - MDR [R]

02.04.2022 Rollover with Bolts and Paul NDD

Bolts and Paul NDD
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Calling all the early rising weekend crew! We're excited to introduce our new Saturday Breakfast Show; Rollover.

Rollover is our new weekend pick-me up. Roll over in bed, switch the radio on and be guided into your weekend by a whole host of global guests carefully curated by our very own Bolts & Josh Aitman.

Whether you're still going from the night before, part of the early riser wake up crew or navigating a sore head that needs sorting, it's the fix to all those in one. Heavy on the music and a good amount of chit chat. You know the deal.


Peter Walker – Norwegian Wood
Sylvia – Pillow Talk
Natural Four – Try Love Again
The Kay Gees – Find A Friend (Conclusion)
The Ledgends – Fool For You
Michael James Kirkland – Hang On In There
Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express – Inner City Blues
The Kopestetics – Watch Out
David Amram – Message To The Politicians Of The World
Super Eagles – Love’s A Real Thing
Cymande – Bra (Ritual Session / Danny Krivit Edit)
Bobbi Humphrey – Sweet N’ Low
Mtmu – No Fool
Quest – Boy Scouts
Superprince – Keep It Real
Pablo Valentino – My Son’s Smile
Knxwledge. – 5. weak
The Elastic Band – Change, Things Have To (BluMix)
Simba – True
Hugo Moolenaar – Children Children
Pressure Point – Straight To The Point
T.F.O. – Let Love Come Right On In
Rikki Aaron – Say What’s On Your Mind
Sweet Mixture – House Of Fun And Love
The Words Of Wisdom And Truth Revue – You Got Me Smiling
Randy Brown – Love Is All We Need
Peabo Bryson – Smile