Live from Liverpool: Mornings With - Iona

18.03.2023 ROLLOVER with BOLTS

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Calling all the early rising weekend crew! We're excited to introduce our new Saturday Breakfast Show; Rollover.

Rollover is our new weekend pick-me up. Roll over in bed, switch the radio on and be guided into your weekend by a whole host of global guests carefully curated by our very own Bolts & Josh Aitman.

Whether you're still going from the night before, part of the early riser wake up crew or navigating a sore head that needs sorting, it's the fix to all those in one. Heavy on the music and a good amount of chit chat. You know the deal.


La French – These Peculiar Anecdotes
Drum Dance – Untitled
GB – Made It Through (Ras G Modification)
Chunky – Yes I
Nipsey Hussle – The Weather (Father Yöd Remix)
Jehst – You (ft. Lee Scott)
Hitboy & The Alchemist – Slipping Into Darkness
ELIZA – On The Cusp
Fresh 4 – Wishing On A Star
Gold In The Shade – Over You
SAULT – Glory
J.T. & The Big Family – Moments In Soul
Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 5 (Father Yöd Remix)
Drum Dance – Untitled
Joe Henderson – Foregone Conclusion
Weldon Irvine – We Get Down
Steely Dan – Peg
Roy Ayers – Everybody
The Cool Notes – Halu (Spring)
Blaze – Sapporo
Isis – In Essense
J Dilla – Dreamy (Brabe Cover // Simba Re-Edit)
30/70 Collective – ACCEPTANCE
Tenderlonious – Song For My Mother
Aleke Kanonu – Mother’s Day
Chunky – Give U

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