09.09.2023 ROLLOVER with Backyard Balearic

Backyard Balearic
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Calling all the early rising weekend crew! We're excited to introduce our new Saturday Breakfast Show; Rollover.

Rollover is our new weekend pick-me up. Roll over in bed, switch the radio on and be guided into your weekend by a whole host of global guests carefully curated by our very own Bolts & Josh Aitman.

Whether you're still going from the night before, part of the early riser wake up crew or navigating a sore head that needs sorting, it's the fix to all those in one. Heavy on the music and a good amount of chit chat. You know the deal.

This week Sparky brings you a selection of chilled ambient melters to warm things up and will gradually pick up the tempo to place you in an open air discoteca with some cosmic, balearic disco action. Perfect tackle for the sunshine and to get you in the mood for his Melodies of Love Event which takes place at Melodic Distraction Bar on the same day with guaranteed heat. Disfrutar (enjoy!!!)