23.09.2023 ROLLOVER with Abigail Ward

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Calling all the early rising weekend crew! We're excited to introduce our new Saturday Breakfast Show; Rollover.

Rollover is our new weekend pick-me up. Roll over in bed, switch the radio on and be guided into your weekend by a whole host of global guests carefully curated by our very own Bolts & Josh Aitman.

Whether you're still going from the night before, part of the early riser wake up crew or navigating a sore head that needs sorting, it's the fix to all those in one. Heavy on the music and a good amount of chit chat. You know the deal.

This time, Abigail Ward is takes the reins for two hours of soul, folk, jazz and more to soothe you into Saturday.


Gene Harris – Book of Slim
Jackie Gleason – Melancholy Serenade
Night Owls (feat. Destani Wolf) – After Laughter
Sven Wunder – Stellar Plates
Joe Henry – This Afternoon
John Lennon – Steel & Glass
John Martyn – Back To Stay
Aretha Franklin – It Only Happens When I Look At You
M. Ward – Outro
Donald Byrd – Cristo Redentor
Sinead O’ Connor – Downpressor Man
Apta – The Same As It Ever Was
Air – Radio #1
The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You
Ernest Hood – Saturday Morning Daze
Tim Buckley – Blue Melody
John Barry – The Girl With Sun In Her Hair
Ms Ray – Broken Heart Still Beats
The Thief Of Time – Pavement Soul (Instrumental)
Marvin Gaye – Song #3 (Instrumental)
Marvin Gaye – Song #4 (Instrumental / Partial Vocal)
Sylvia Tella – You Might Need Somebody
Katy Rose Bennett – One More Time
Van Morrison – T.B. Sheets (Original Stereo Mix)
Rhythm Roots Allstars – Island Hustle
Dizzy K – Sweet Music