Live from Liverpool: CHARLES VAUGHAN - MDR [R]

12.11.2022 Roadside Picnic

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Boris Cobblestone & Deburgh return under a new moniker with a fresh shelf of tunes.

In a dystopian world, the local populations are left to face the aftermath of an extraterrestrial event. With no witnesses of the Visitors, all that is left behind are strange and dangerous phenomena with supernatural properties not understood by humans.

This is the plot for the 1970s science fiction novel Roadside Picnic - and also the name of Boris Cobblestone and Deburgh’s brand new radio show. They felt the narrative of the story reflects the weirder and more varied sounds they’re pushing recently.


Sun Runners – Late Night Lovers
Kyoshin – S.S. Nautic
Lala &ce, Jäde & Low Jack – Debout
Rainy Miller – July III
Junior Boys – Samba on Samba
You’ll Never Go to Heaven – Dust
Ulla – foam angel
Cktrl ft. Mereba – zero
Judah Wiskey/Gilbert Cohen – Double Detente 2.00
Yosa Peit – Serious People Chuckle
Krikor Kouchian – M🎸Sembello🌈Spectral Dub
Gavsborg – Julie Mango Appreciation Tweet 2.00
Tvii Son – Iryna
Sabla + DK – O
Om Unit & Daedelus – Vous Etes Stero (Om Unit Refix)
Sun Runners – Max Julien
Dave Saves – Red Storm
Skillibeng – Crocodile Teeth
RDL – Streets
Katatonic Silencio – Pow Snake
Yokel – Sporgasm
Tings Hard – G Sudden
Michael J Blood – GMT
Dreamcastmoe – L Foot, Right
Rat Heart – Operation Always Be A Brave Little Cunt
Pelin Pelin – Good People
Iceboy Violet – Urban Ambiance
Born Under A Rhyming Planet – Hyper Real
Sosa Tharpa – Action
Nick Leon – Grillo (Zutzut Remix)
Ausschuss – Bunny Crutch
Biga Yut & Lithium – Cash Bosh
Biga Yut – Walah
FUMU – Find Me Add Red and Blue
DJ Overdose – Work Is Work
Underground Resistance – I Am Ur
MGUN – Fumigation

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