14.05.2022 Roadside Picnic

Boris Cobblestone & Deburgh
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Boris Cobblestone & Deburgh return under a new moniker with a fresh shelf of tunes.

In a dystopian world, the local populations are left to face the aftermath of an extraterrestrial event. With no witnesses of the Visitors, all that is left behind are strange and dangerous phenomena with supernatural properties not understood by humans.

This is the plot for the 1970s science fiction novel Roadside Picnic - and also the name of Boris Cobblestone and Deburgh’s brand new radio show. They felt the narrative of the story reflects the weirder and more varied sounds they’re pushing recently.

Strap in for another cosmic journey through the far reaches of the electronic musical cosmos with Boris Cobblestone & Deburgh!


Best Available Technology – Memories Can Wait
Michael J. Blood, Rat Heart, Sockethead -??? (True Vol. 2)
Moor Mother & billy woods – Arkeology feat. ELUCID
Gav & Jord – Appiness
Duckett / Stranger – Took It Out On You
Lewi Boome – Mints
MTF – Simple Things
FUMU – I Was Sunk Up to My Neck
Mobbs – Rook
Kaval – Fly Swatter
Zutut – Tu Arca
Blackhaine – Stained Materials
John FM – Sollace (322) feat. Kaz
Spivak – I Will Turn My Insides Into Stone
HTRK – Valentina (Cali Highway Version)
Metal Preyers – ???? (432+)