01.08.2023 Popular Electronics

Bernie Connor & Kyd Dub
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Bernie’s is a broad and fascinating story with many twists, turns and sine modulations, and he’s inviting you along for the ride.

In the middle of the 20th century, experimentalists cast aside conventional instruments and began to manipulate sound using electronic instruments and devices; a whole new universe of sound was discovered. As Bernie explains, there is a seamless line that runs from the tape manipulations of Karl Heinz Stockhausen right through to the acid noodling of DJ Pierre in 1980’s Chicago.

Mr Connor has been playing music out and about for almost four decades. It has taken him on a journey that has allowed him to absorb a wealth of musical knowledge and shows no signs of giving up.

Tune in for another wonderful show hosted by Bernie & Buddy!


The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Stone Free.
Phenomenal Handclap Band – Judge Not (Ray Mang Mix).
Goat – Soon You Die.
Slokar Trombone Quartet – Gospel Time
Crumb – Balloon
Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Boy – Ole Slew Foot
Paul Simon – Diamonds Dub (TangoTerje Mix).
Rude Audio & Dan Wainwright – Heroes (Merry Pranksters Dub ft Ken Babbs).
Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Whirlpool Dub (Adrian Sherwood Reset In Dub Mix).
Mikael Seifu – Yarada Lij
Butch, Kölsch – Countach (Kölsch Remix)
Alan Y Sus Bates – Recuerdos De Verano
Caravan – In The Land Of Grey And Pink.
Faze Action – Floating World.
Junior Murvin/Dillinger- Roots Train.
Eroc – Wolkenreise
Sufyvn – Dust
Sfire, – Sfire Marcela –