04.07.2023 Popular Electronics

Bernie Connor & Kyd Dub
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Bernie’s is a broad and fascinating story with many twists, turns and sine modulations, and he’s inviting you along for the ride.

In the middle of the 20th century, experimentalists cast aside conventional instruments and began to manipulate sound using electronic instruments and devices; a whole new universe of sound was discovered. As Bernie explains, there is a seamless line that runs from the tape manipulations of Karl Heinz Stockhausen right through to the acid noodling of DJ Pierre in 1980’s Chicago.

Mr Connor has been playing music out and about for almost four decades. It has taken him on a journey that has allowed him to absorb a wealth of musical knowledge and shows no signs of giving up.

Join Bernie & Bud as they once again explore "the outer reaches of *pop* and all its idiot children" - psychedelic, electro, hip hop, dub, and everything in between.


The Real Thing – Children Of The Ghetto
Bobby Lee – Reds For A Blue Planet
Hawkwind – The Aubergine Tgat Ate Rangoon (Deadstock Re-Edit)
This Is A Photograph II – Kevin Morby
It’s Nothing To Me – Harry Johnson
Fast Rider – Bill Nickson
Richard Norris – Birthday Dub
Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s – Door At Your Moon
Jim – Still River Flows (Generalisation Dub)
Guinnesses (Ft. Angelika & 4ize) – Mf Doom
Portrait Of God – King Tuff
Twin – Devendra Banhart
Faze Action- Floating World (Chuggy Dub)
Horace Andy – Safe From Harm/Midnight Scorcher
Whiskey – Frog Dylan
Bangers & Ma$H – Bin Juice
Ollie’s Song – Joe Wildflowernt
Marshall Watson & Cole Odin – Daydream In Dub (Hardway Bros Live At The SSL)
Lord Have Mercy – Durane Jone