03.09.2023 PMS - The Popular Music Show

Roger Hill
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“PMS” is the longest-running alternative music programme on UK radio, first broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside in 1977 in the heyday of punk, and now continuing on Melodic Distraction. The current team of producer-presenters are Roger Hill, George Maund and Karen Timms and the programme is currently monthly on the second Saturday or every month but will in September become weekly for the first time since the pandemic on Sunday nights.

We’re proud to be offering a unique strand of eclectic, unconventional and adventurous listening to the Melodic Distraction radio family, and that mix is likely in any programme to include classic sounds from the popular music omniverse, world music, local bands’ tracks and digital presences, and a filtered selection of the latest releases from the alternative sphere – and anything else which catches our fancy in any given week. Yes, your ears really will get a run round the block with a few reassuringly familiar pauses along the way.

The Popular Music Show has a long-running website www.pmsradio.co.uk and thrives on comments, requests and contact, so bother us live and you’ll get a mention or bother us anytime on our E-Mail pmsradiolive@gmail.com and you’ll get a reply.

This Sunday, the Popular Music Show begins its new weekly residency at the new time slot of 6 - 7pm with Roger Hill.


Cumbia del E.T. Extraterrestre – Rapsodia del Chiinito
Cameron Graham – Becoming A Beah Angel
Fay Victor – Vocal Layer
Android 80 – VIP
Samandar – Dili Dilidor
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – I Won’t Hurt You
Paul Rooney – In The Distance The Dawn Is Breaking
Joel Styzens – Opening
10cc – How Dare You
Jessie Lanza – Midnight Ontario
Fay Victor – Governorship Senate (for Stacey Abrams)
Kamaal Williams – Magnolia 1
Pop Levi – Chantelle Delaney