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09.10.2021 PMS Extra

Roger Hill & Karen Timms
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Roger Hill presents BBC Radio Merseyside’s alternative music show Pure Musical Sensations every Sunday at midnight. He and his team (including our own George \m/ Maund and Andrew PM Hunt) bring PMS Extra to our radio waves.

Since taking over the weekly ‘rock’ programme in 1982, Roger has never looked back. PMS is the longest-running alternative music show on UK local radio and has been on a journey through all sorts of names, times, policies and musical styles. The alternative scene has travelled from punk and new wave through to reggae, dance, folk, electronica and many more. Through showcasing these genres over the years, PMS probably features the widest range of music of any programme on British Radio.

Of course, PMS also attempts to do justice to the local music scene, when it fits with their eclectic music policy. Aside from the odd competition and gig guide, the show’s sole aim is to deliver unique and diverse music to the public. Having shaped people’s music tastes for years, we can’t wait to dip our toes into the sounds of PMS Extra.

This month, Roger & Karen join forces for an accidental exploration of tracks with peculiar vocals - tune in and hear them for yourself!


Kassav -An-Ba-Chen’n La
Manu Delago -Trees For The Wood
Pamela Z – Badagada
Uman – Lalala
Double Dagger – Luxury Condos for The Poor (sophisticated Urban Living Version)
Amon Tobin – This Living Hand
Prison Behaviour – Listen and Repeat
Donna Regine – Ich sehe den Blumen beim Sterben Zu
Xao Seffcheque – Sample & Hold (wer bitter im munde hat, Kann nicht süßpricken)
Okkyung Lee – Here We Are
Maria Del Grande – Shy Heart
Karine Polwart – Women of the World

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