20.09.2023 Patio Sounds

Dave Evans
More about this show

Liverpool-based artist Dave Evans makes digital networks as artworks in places like forests and trains stations.

Inspired by sitting in his yard and listening to spotify, the music from an ice cream van and a blackbird singing, all at the same time, Patio Sounds is a mix of tenuously connected tracks and conversation that collides different aspects of the sounds around us.

Dave Evans is an artist based in Liverpool who works in Liverpool with invisible things. He has exhibited his work in lots of different places around the world, including museums, forests, trains stations and art galleries. He also teaches Fine Art at Manchester School of Art.

Tune in for another eclectic and wonderfully alternative show from Dave Evans, spanning ambient, drone, psych and shoegaze.


Stars of the Lid – Madison
Labradford – El Lago
Codeine – New Year’s
Windy and Carl – La Douleur
Bardo Pond – Sentence
Jackie-O Motherfucker – Skylight
Jessamine – Cellophane
Bell Gardens – To Land