Live from Liverpool: THE ONLY WAY IS UPITUP - EA Moon & Isocore

16.06.2022 Park Watch

Charlie Jupp
More about this show

Park watch, A mix series with an emphasis on curating a mix for the perfect walk, run, jog or stroll through the park.

Reynes invites guest artists to contribute a mix for their perfect walk through the park.

In this episode, Reynes invites Hough of Tread records. Hough has created a mix that takes inspiration from the music he has been listening to whilst training for the Hackney Half Marathon. Hough's mix has been curated with jogging through the park in mind and is the perfect combination of high-energy tunes that will keep you moving. So, grab some shoes, get outside and come and join park watch.


Efdemin – Oh, Lovely Appearance of Death [Ostgut Ton]
Tom VR and Louf – Harmonix [Valby Rotary]
Callum asa – Mind [No Rewinds]
Anna Morgan – Leverage [3024]
Giulia Tess – 200417 [Scarlet Tiger]
Z.James – Press Trigga [ec2a]
Acidfinky – Machine [?????]
Lisene – Loose Connection [?????]
Jeigo – Hurt Love [?????]
Reynes – Sonar Searching [?????]
IZCO – Dread [Self Release]
Dismantle – Bodied [Gutterfunk]
Yaleese hall – Daisy Wright [Will & Ink]
Amaliah – Speedy G [Borne Fruits]
Sam Binga & Foreign Concept – BAMF [Pineapple Records]
Eurlica – Exhale [?????]
Ronan – Life Web [Eternal Ocean]
Aleksandir – Sacro [Self Release]
Aloka – Inta [Typeless Records]
Supremes – Being [air miles]
James Massiah – Better Than Cocaine [Self Release]

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