06.11.2022 Output Gallery

Michael Lacey
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The OUTPUT Gallery Radio show is a monthly exploration of the worlds of art and music in the company of host & gallery director Michael Lacey.

The OUTPUT Gallery Radio Show is the sonic wing of OUTPUT Gallery, an Liverpool arts organisation platforming local talent. Today's episode is a guest-mix from multi-instrumentalist and composer Andrew Hunt, a lynchpin of Liverpool's avant-garde music scene through his work as Dialect and with acts such as Ex-Easter Island Head, Raft of Trash & Land Trance.


Parish Council – To Spawn/The 4 Frog Colours
Nana Vasconcelos – Pinote
Madalyn Merkey – Hairspring
Marina Rosenfeld – Fuji Tonic
Roméo Poirier – Muscle de Sable
Naino, GeeNerve & Taran – Waltz in the Fog
Nick Storring – Now Neither One Of Us Is Breaking
Ellen Arkbro & Johan Graden – Close
You’ll Never Get To Heaven – Dust
Finis Africae – Luna
John M. Bennett- Cake
Adam Badi Donoval – Birdsong In The Carpark
Maxine Funke – Goodbye
Rory McCarthy – she’s a gift giver, she’s a giver of gifts
Silver Mt. Zion- 13 Angels Standing Guard Round The Side Of Your Bed